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Purrfectly hidden kitten drives the internet crazy

Purrfectly hidden kitten drives the internet crazy

Cats are crafty little critters, and they seem to have an uncanny ability to cram themselves in the most unlikely spaces. 

A photograph of one feline winning a game of hide and seek went viral this week on Twitter. 

On Sunday, Kate Hinds, newsroom planning editor at WNYC public radio, shared a photo of her impressive bookcase at her Manhattan home, captioning it “Today in find the cat.”

"My cat's name is Norah, although in my family no one agrees on whether there should be an 'h' on the end," Hinds told cnet in an email. "We adopted her a little over ten years ago from a local rescue group."

Hind said she knows her family knows most of the places the kitty tends to hide in, and the spot she’s sought out in the photo is one of Norah’s favourite summer hiding spots.

Twitter users were left stumped.

"I can't find the cat but I love your bookcase," wrote one.

Give up? Hinds posted a closeup of the image showing Norah’s paw sticking out from under the TV.

"For some reason, she goes behind the TV in the summer," Hinds told me. "She prefers to bed down with the winter hats/scarves in the colder months."