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Prince Charles and Camilla’s alleged ‘love child’ renews battle to prove his claim

Prince Charles and Camilla’s alleged ‘love child’ renews battle to prove his claim

A mum has taken to social media with a warning to parents after her daughter was stung by a wasp caught in her clothes.

Having hung her daughter Kathleen’s clothes out to dry, Sabrina Rigby said the insect must have climbed in and subsequently stung the six-year-old.

“WARNING. Check your laundry!” she wrote in a Facebook post. In the post, she said that she’d hung her daughter’s clothes on the line to dry the day before.

“This queen wasp has emerged from hibernation and gotten caught up in the clothes,” she recounted. “The clothes which I then bagged and left in the girls room to be packed away.”

“I didn’t know she was there until this morning, when she managed to wriggle her way out of the bag and sting Kathleen,” the mum said.

“She is okay and luckily, it turns out, not allergic like I am. But you can bet I’ll be checking  all my laundry from now on!” 

Commenters were thankful for the advice and shared their appreciation for the mum sharing her story.

“Now peering inside my slippers before I put my feet in!!” one woman wrote.

“I got one in my sons pjs last week when I was folding them,” another shared.

Concerned about her daughter, others warned the mum to keep an eye on her in case she actually is allergic.

“You don’t tend to react badly to a first exposure, it is subsequent exposures that she’ll react to if she’s allergic,” one mum advised. “Keep a close eye if she gets stung again in the future.” 

Image credit: Sharina Rigby / Facebook 

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