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Peter Stefanovic shares baby boy’s first steps!

Peter Stefanovic shares baby boy’s first steps!

Peter Stefanovic has just shared the most adorable video of his son Oscar as he takes his first steps.

The news reporters is currently expecting his second child with wife Sylvia Jeffreys and is making sure not to miss any milestones with his baby boy.

Stefanovic took to Instagram to show little Oscar excitedly walking in their living room with his hands flailing, before he fell to the floor a little while after.

On February 1, Oscar recently celebrated his first birthday.

"Happy first birthday to our big little boy. You colour our world. Love you mate," Stefanovic captioned some images from the toddler’s birthday party.

Jeffreys is due to give birth to their second child in two months.

"When you find out you're getting a best bud for life. Oscar's little brother due in April next year," the Nine journalist announced in October last year.

"We are so lucky."

The couple, who tied the knot in 2018 and quickly welcomed baby Oscar in February 2020.

Jeffreys previously revealed Oscar was conceived via IVF, although it is not known if her second pregnancy followed in the same way.

"I know from my own personal experience of IVF that so much goes into having a successful embryo and having something sitting there that gives you the opportunity to make life for your family," she said on Today.

"There's such an emotional attachment to those embryos, long before they become the baby or the child that you grow to love."