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NSW breeder sets new world record with 19 Dalmatian puppies born in one litter

NSW breeder sets new world record with 19 Dalmatian puppies born in one litter

A NSW dalmatian breeder has set a new world record with 19 puppies being born in one litter.

Melissa O’Brien was relieved that all 19 puppies survived.

She told Canberra Times about the ordeal.

"Records aside it is pretty incredible all of them are alive, we had to supplement and bottle feed a few for a while to help mum out," she said.

"But they are six weeks old now and getting their own little personalities."

O’Brien said that despite her dalmatians normally breeding big litters, this was by far the largest.

"I normally have big litters, they run in bloodlines, but this is easily the biggest," Ms O'Brien said.

"They were born by C-section which I had already elected simply because of the amount of weight she had put on - she gained 15 kilograms.

"Her water broke and we had to pretty much take her straight in because if we had waited a few more hours we would have had dead puppies."

With the amount of puppies, you’d forgive O’Brien for getting them mixed up sometimes, but she says she can almost tell them all apart. 

"They are all named after Disney movies and they all have distinctive marks and colourings so we do keep track of them," she said.

"Livers, or the brown coloured puppies, seem to be harder to sell because everyone sees the movie and wants a black and white one but I prefer the liver ones as I find them softer in nature.

"I have had Dalmatians for about 13 years but have been breeding and showing them for just about 10 years."

ABC Goulburn Murray reported about the incident via their Facebook page.

There were reportedly eight people there to help the vet deliver the puppies.

However, O’Brien says that this is the last of the litters for both mum and dad.

"Melody is three and a half and Lukas is seven so this will be both their last litters," she said.

"It is definitely the first and last for Melody, I had already decided to get her desexed before she had the puppies.

"The temperaments are bomb-proof. They have to deal with my two-year-old so they are very used to small children and human interaction.

"I am going to keep one boy but I haven't decided on which one yet."