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Nicole Kidman shares heartwarming family photo

Nicole Kidman shares heartwarming family photo

Nicole Kidman celebrated her younger sister’s birthday on Wednesday by taking a trip down memory lane and sharing a heartwarming photo of the pair.

The 54-year-old actress delighted fans when she posted a throwback photo to Instagram of her and her sister Antonia.

In the photo, Nicole towers over her sister in yellow shorts, a blue t-shirt, and a red-and-white baseball cap while her sister stands next to her in a similar outfit.

“To my darling sister - Happy Birthday, love sharing this life with you,” Nicole captioned the photo.

Nicole and Antonia share a close bond that stems all the way back to childhood.

The sisters grew up together in Melbourne with their parents Anythony Kidman - a psychologist - and Janelle.

While Nicole pursued acting, Antonia started a career as a journalist and television presenter.

Now, Nicole is a mum to four children: Bella, 28, Connor, 26, Sunday Rose, 13, and Faith Margaret, ten.

Antonia has six kids: she shares Lucia, Sybella, Hamish, and James with ex-husband Angus Hawley, and sons Nicolas and Alexander with Craig Marran.

Image: Nicole Kidman / Instagram

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