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New “striking” evidence in Dorante-Day claims

New “striking” evidence in Dorante-Day claims

Simon Dorante-Day, the Queensland grandfather who believes he is the son of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has shared a new, “striking” piece of evidence for his claim.

He has released a new photo comparing the 55-year-old’s son against two images of The Queen, causing a stir on social media.

With the image of Liam Dorante-Day in the centre, it can be compared against a photo of her majesty in her earlier years on one side and a more recent image of her on the other.

“The similarities are hard to deny, that’s for sure,” Mr Dorante-Day told 7NEWS.com.au.

“The teeth, the smile, all of it. And Liam has Prince Charles’ ears, that’s plain to see.”

Others online have agreed, saying the likeness in the photos was “undeniable”.

“He is the double of The Queen in her older years,” one said.

“I’ve never seen anyone so alike! Wow,” wrote another.

“Check the teeth in picture on the right with your son,” a third added.

“Striking similarities,” another said.

Many of Mr Dorante-Day’s supporters say they used to be sceptics - but have since been convinced.

“When I first came across [this] story I honestly rolled my eyes and thought these claims were rubbish,” one said.

“But it’s the photos that continue to convince me I’m wrong. I hope the truth comes out to the public one day.”

Another added: “The picture speaks volumes. I wish someone could wave a magic wand and bring this to a conclusion.”

The new evidence comes weeks after another photo of Simon compared to a younger Queen Elizabeth shocked many.

Image: Facebook

“You have the Queen’s eyes. Out of all the pictures and comparisons, you should use this one when anyone doubts you,” said one.

“A blind man could see you are theirs! They won’t ever admit it because it has too many implications. It’s really sad they won’t/can’t just tell the truth,” another sympathised.

Image: Facebook

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