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Kmart mum shocked with what was in a kid’s painting set

Kmart mum shocked with what was in a kid’s painting set

A concerned Queensland mum got the “fright of her life” as her toddler approached her holding a rusty knife.

Sally Barnden says he found it in a toy purchased from Kmart in a “Paint Your Own Pets” toy kit last week which had been bought by a family friend.

Sally’s partner Renee King told The Gympie Times that they opened the toy to play with it and made the shocking discovery.

“We got given a paint and dog set and I half pulled out the plastic inside, grabbed the ceramics to paint with Mackinlee (6) and then shoved the plastic moulding back in,” she said.

“I left it on the table because it was rubbish and Mackinlee and I were going to paint and then Henley has grabbed the box and then the knife thing has fallen out and he has walked over to Sally.”

Sally shared the incident on Facebook to warn other parents about the potential dangers.

“Someone had to take out the plaster animals and paints before putting this on the bottom of the box,” Sally wrote on Facebook.

“Surely someone saw something.

“And if the box was purchased and returned, shouldn’t every return be checked before placing it on the shelf again for sale?”

She called to complain about the knife being found but was told by the store that “this kind of thing happened a lot” and offered a refund.

“I am sorry but a refund would not be cutting it, if Henley had cut himself on this very sharp, and very rusty blade!?!!?!” she wrote. 

Sally explained that she is “grateful and blessed” her son brought the knife to her straight away and no damage was done.

“I can’t even imagine what would have happened with another family,” she said.

“Imagine kids discovering this, and thinking it was a toy considering it came from a kid’s art set.”

Kmart Australia has been contacted for comment.

Photo credits: Facebook, Sally Barnden