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Fans sent into a frenzy as cult Cadbury favourite set to make a return

Fans sent into a frenzy as cult Cadbury favourite set to make a return

The limited-edition chocolate that sent fans wild is assumed to be back, after it sold for more than 10 times the original price on eBay.

Cadbury’s Caramilk was so loved by fans that one man named Christian Hull launched a petition to make the white chocolate caramel block “a permanent thing”.

Now, the beloved treat, which first went on sale 20 years ago, is rumoured to be coming back and people are going mad.

Speaking to news.com.au, Jamie from The Grocery Greek, an independent Australian products review group said she heard from a reliable source that the block of chocolate will be reintroduced very soon.

“Originally we were advised by one of our contacts within Cadbury and this was also confirmed by a couple of our contacts within the grocery retail sector,” said Jamie.

The Grocery Greek first posted the exciting news on Facebook to their 10,000 followers, saying it was returning “later this month”.

“It is strongly rumoured that Cadbury is re-releasing its very popular Caramilk later this month … stay tuned! – thanks to ‘S’ for the heads-up,” the post read.

And the announcement has people ecstatic, as they took to the comments to share their thoughts.

“I bloody hope this is all true,” one said.

“When can you confirm this?” another said.

“Be prepared to stock up,” someone else remarked.

Cadbury released a statement of their own to news.com.au, but kept surprisingly quiet on the subject.

“While we can’t confirm or deny the return of Cadbury Caramilk, we will say that we are in the business of delighting our consumers with products they love, so stay tuned,” said Paul Chatfield, Director Marketing for Chocolate, Australia and New Zealand.