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9 impossibly fluffy animals that will make your day

9 impossibly fluffy animals that will make your day

There are cute animals and then there are impossibly fluffy animals. These are the fluffiest and most awww-dorable animals on the planet!

The Angora Rabbit

 Angora Rabbit

Her name is Yababoon and she is the fluffiest rabbit in the world.

The Texas Tornado cow

Fluffy Cow

This show cattle gets a wash, comb and blow-dry (sometimes twice a day) to get the coveted fluffy look.

The sheep pig

Sheep Pig

Mangalitsa is a breed of pig who are descended directly from wild boars.

The ‘Airy Alpaca


Named Eggnong, this Huacaya alpaca is ready for a cuddle.

The chow chow dog 

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow breed originated from China and is often referred to as “puffy-lion dog” there.

The silky smooth chicken

Silky Chicken

This ornamental “silkie” chicken is such a show bird.

The seal pup

Seal (1)

This seal pup in Pempbrokeshire is not too shy to wave a flipper at the cameraman.

The grumpy fluff cat


He is named Sir Lucifer Fluffypants although we don’t think he likes to be called that!

The monkey face

 Monkey For Hero

Just tell this little guy there’s something wrong with being a redhead.

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