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The heartfelt reason the royal family wore white to the State Banquet

The heartfelt reason the royal family wore white to the State Banquet

The British royal family came together for the Queen’s state banquet that was held in June, and they dressed in their best as the banquet is held in Buckingham Palace.

Duchess Catherine, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall, Anne the Princess Royal and the Queen herself all stepped out in white gowns.

This isn’t unusual behaviour for the Queen, as she is known to wear white to all state banquets, but what caught royal fans' attention is that the other royal family members decided to follow suit.

According to a colour expert who spoke to UK publication Hello! the colour white has an important meaning behind it, and the message would have been received loud and clear by the other guests at the dinner, which just so happened to be the President of the United States, Donald Trump and his wife Melania.

Gabi Winters, colour expert, explained the significance.

"White, of course, is the colour of peace and the colour of new beginnings," she explained.

"Coincidentally the psychological meaning behind this uncommon colour choice is very fitting when it comes to renewing and celebrating diplomatic ties between different nations."

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‘Tonight we celebrate an alliance that has helped to ensure the safety and prosperity of both our peoples for decades, and which I believe will endure for many years to come.’ This evening, a State Banquet was held in the Ballroom at Buckingham Palace in honour of the State Visit of the President and Mrs Trump. In her speech at the banquet, The Queen spoke of the mutual aims and beliefs of both countries, saying, ‘Mr President, as we look to the future, I am confident that our common values and shared interests will continue to unite us.’ The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, The Duke of York and The Earl and Countess of Wessex also attended the banquet. 📸 Press Association

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Winters also explained that while white isn’t a stimulating colour to the eye, the colour can also mean something else as well.

“While it isn't a stimulating colour to the senses, white represents a blank canvas waiting to be written upon. It's a fully reflective colour that creates simplicity, clearing the way forward."

Winters touched on the cultural significance of the colour white as well, which sheds some light as to why it was worn at the banquet.

"Scientifically speaking white contains an equal balance of all the colours of the spectrum, so naturally, white's most fundamental feature is equality, neutrality and independence. Culturally speaking, white is a symbol of purity, cleanliness, immaculacy and perfection, which is why it's the natural colour choice for bridal dresses, doctors' coats and seafarers."

All four women choosing to wear white isn’t just a happy coincidence either.

"Although white dresses are not a required 'dress code' for decorated white tie events, it's one of the few occasions where white would be a natural choice, especially as it's a lovely contrast colour to wear underneath the royal blue sashes,” she explained.

“The men were all wearing white bow ties, honours and medals with their tuxedos too, so I think it's safe to assume that Monday's coordinated whites were somewhat by 'natural design' and not coincidence."