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Thu, 28 Feb, 2019Joanita Wibowo

The $3 Kmart beauty hack that takes just 10 minutes: "You have to try this!"

The $3 Kmart beauty hack that takes just 10 minutes: "You have to try this!"

Kmart enthusiasts are always excited for the store’s affordable scores – be it the $3 tea towels for chic DIY hacks, the $9 designer knock-off that fans claim is as good as the original, or the versatile $29 pie-maker that can cook just about anything.

This time, fans are singing praises for Kmart’s $3 hair care wonders.

A woman took to a Facebook group to share her experience with the Coconut & Almond Oil Hair Mask.

"I've just coloured my hair bright copper so the bleaching bit made my hair dry as hell … Put this bad boy in for 10 minutes and my hair feels so good," she wrote alongside pictures of her shiny locks.

"Best $3, yes $3, I've spent on hair products. Not a hack, but ladies, y'all have to try this!"

Other shoppers vouched for the mask. 

"Yes! I bought this last month, one of my faves," a woman commented.

Someone else added, "I have really curly hair and I use that whole range. They are so good ... I will have to try the mask."

A Queensland beauty therapist also gave the mask a glowing review. 

"Soooo good, made doing the girls’ hair super easy," she wrote on her Facebook page. "It's not greasy and gross … and smells amazing."

Another hair product sending customers over the moon is the Argan Treatment Oil, also priced at $3. The oil is described as "suitable for all hair types and colour treated hair".

One woman shared a picture of the oil with the caption, "My $3 Kmart hair oil so lovely for my hair."

In the comments section, others responded that the item was indeed of a good value and a "must-have" for shiny and lustrous hair.

The department store’s hair styling tools have also left a good impression with shoppers. One of the popular items is the $25 Rotating Hot Air Brush, which comes in two heat settings.

"I no longer have to hold my hairdryer in one hand and a brush in the other as this combines the two and it has seriously made my hair so smooth, bouncy and swishy," a customer said. While she said it took longer to dry her hair than a standard hairdryer, the result was "like I just stepped out from getting a professional blow dry".

"I have one too," a woman chimed in. "It's amazing … I use mine almost every day."

Have you tried any products from Kmart’s hair range? Let us know in the comments.