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This 80-year-old fashion blogger is rewriting the rule book

This 80-year-old fashion blogger is rewriting the rule book

In a society which often looks unkindly on older women, especially the fashion industry which seems to think once you turn a certain age you don’t want chic clothing anymore (they’re wrong), this trailblazing 80-year-old is proving them all wrong.


Dorrie Jacobson is the face of Senior Style Bible, a blog and Instagram page where she documents her stylish outfits, shares her fashion and beauty secrets and inspires other women to embrace an ageless attitude towards fashion (and life!).

She writes on her blog: “Times have changed, mature fashionistas are now refusing to sink from sight in a sea of blue rinse and fluffy slippers. Recently, we have noticed a growing movement that is shifting to embrace older beauty.

“Style mavens are taking the ‘old’ out of ‘old-fashioned’ and women over 50 are suddenly being chosen for major ad campaigns. In a youth oriented culture, the mature woman is finally being celebrated. This blog embraces that celebration.”

To celebrate this amazing woman, here are just eight of her most seriously stylish outfits.

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Find more on her Instagram.