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Samantha Armytage fires back at nasty “lies” claiming she threw an on-set tantrum

Samantha Armytage fires back at nasty “lies” claiming she threw an on-set tantrum

Samantha Armytage has slammed a Triple M radio show for allegedly making false claims saying that she “spat the dummy” while filming a guest appearance on The Chase Australia.

Armytage was invited to the show alongside her Sunrise co stars David Koch, Mark Beretta and Edwina Batholomew which aired on Channel 7 on August 21.

This morning, Triple M Sydney breakfast host, Lawrence Mooney claimed that Armytage threw a tantrum on set.

“I heard from people who were in the audience that Sam was being chased and she got caught and she was the first one off,” the comedian said on Triple M’s Moonman in the Morning. “And she cut up rough, she absolutely spat the dummy.”

Armytage was quickly kicked off the program after getting three questions correct and three incorrect, resulting in being caught by The Chaser, Issa Schultz.

“She said, ‘I’ve been humiliated, this is embarrassing! I want another go!’” said Mooney. “The producer said, ‘No, you can’t have another go. The questions are randomly generated, sorry.’

“The story is Sam Armytage refused to leave the floor of The Chaseafter being caught in the chase,” he said.

But it didn’t take long for the breakfast show host to debunk their version of events through her Twitter.

“What complete rubbish,” she wrote. “And how irresponsible & mean to repeat such BS. No such thing happened.

“I got out in the first round (& couldn’t wait to get off the bloody set!) I sat in the green room (eating peanuts) til my colleagues finished, then I went out and rejoined them for the end of the show.

“You’re being salacious & silly & looking for viral hits (which I’ll no doubt unfortunately give you). The show was for charity & @SoldierOnAust was v happy with my performance (& for having a go!) So, cease & desist with the BS.”