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Basmah Qazi

Rare photos of unrecognisable Princess Diana without her signature hairstyle

Say the name Princess Diana and not a single soul would ask you, “Who?”. Once the most famous woman in the world, everyone remembers the late royal throughout a monumental moment in her life.

Whether it was her lavish wedding to Prince Charles during the ‘80s, or her rocking a figure-hugging Versace gown with slicked-back hair after announcing her divorce, Diana was nothing short of an icon.

One thing was for certain, the mother-of-two had a signature style. Her short, blonde hair remained just that – short.

While she may have experimented with the cut – often opting for a fringe, while other times choosing to go with a pixie – the length remained the same.

But for a few short months, the Princess of Wales stepped out of the ordinary, and had a brief stint with long hair.

After giving birth to Prince Harry in 1984, Diana chose to grow out her locks into a shoulder-length bob. A style that she pinned back behind her ears.

And while the affair didn’t last long, as she returned back to her normal style a few weeks later, it was a welcome change.

Scroll through the gallery above to see Princess Diana’s brief stint with longer hair.

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