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Queen of style! The surprising connection Duchess Kate has to Meghan’s new capsule collection

The Duchess of Sussex has returned from maternity leave this week to officially launch her capsule collection, The Smart Set.

And the new initiative relates back to her sister-in-law, Duchess Kate.

The clothing range which includes five items will be sold across a number of British brands around the country, one of which is Jigsaw, the Duchess of Cambridge’s former employer before she married into the royal family in 2011.

Kate was an accessories buyer for the high street fashion chain in 2006, which means if Meghan is ever in need of advice, she knows exactly who to go to.

However, Meghan’s decision to work with the UK retailer wasn’t due to her sister-in-law, as she explained the real motivation behind her choice.

“The last company that I wanted to have be a part of this project was Jigsaw, and truth be told that was because I’d seen a campaign they had done a year before which was really highlighting the diversity of the UK and the immigrant culture and how that was a part of the fabric of the nation,” said the Duchess in her speech.

“And when I saw that I was so touched by it and I said anyone who is seeing the world that way and seeing the community that way is someone that I think would be a great partner to have on this project.”

Proceeds from the capsule collection will benefit the charity Smart Works, for which the Duchess is Royal Patron.

Scroll through the gallery above to see Meghan’s capsule collection for Smart Works.