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Can you spot what's wrong with this shirt?

Can you spot what's wrong with this shirt?

Slogans and logos are quite tricky to design – as the NT tourism campaign shows, with a slight oversight, the intended message can truly be lost in translation.

And another business has fallen victim to this blunder, as its uniform has gone viral on the Internet for its questionable-looking slogan.

A picture that has made rounds on social media platform Reddit showed a worker’s shirt with the slogan “click. pick. delivered.” – which appeared to be the tagline of delivery start-up Runnr.

However, due to the font and letter spacing, many observers find that the text could be read as “d**k. pick. delivered.”.

Source: u/sovietmetalhead, Reddit

In one of the posts featuring the picture, a user wrote, “Imagine having to wear this for your job.”

“Is it a lewd photo delivering service?” another commented.

One quipped, “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have”, while another chimed in, “I refuse to believe that this was not at least partially intentional.”