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Avon to close operations in Australia

Avon to close operations in Australia

Direct selling make-up company Avon has today announced it will be ceasing operations in Australia and New Zealand by the end of the year.

“This is a very sad day for our employees and Representatives,” Avon ANZ President and Managing Director Sharon Plant said.

“As a management team our commitment and focus over the coming days, weeks and months is to support our people and the wider Avon community who are impacted by this decision.

“I would like to thank all the employees, Representatives and Customers who have supported Avon’s business over the years.”

According to a company statement, the move comes as part of a strategy to “return Avon to long-term sustainable profitable growth” and focus on markets with the biggest potential for future profits.

However, the move has angered many representatives and customers, who took to Facebook to vent their frustration at learning the news over Facebook.

“Wow I’m a rep and I had to find out on Facebook,” one woman wrote. “Thanks Avon.”

“This is terrible, you owe your reps and customers more than this,” another commenter fumed. “To suddenly cease operations after a long history in this country is nothing more than an absolute smack in the face to long serving reps, new reps and customers. You should compensate every single person who has signed up to become a rep in the year prior to the date you cease operation. Disgusting.”

“How does dropping Australia boost your profits?” another woman asked. “Huge company here in Australia loved by all young and old. Today marks a very sad day for many Leaders, Representatives and Customers.”

Avon first began operating in Australia in 1963, followed by New Zealand in 1978.

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