The advice people wish they received at every age

The advice people wish they received at every age

Growing old can be daunting, no matter what age you are approaching. While you may not be able to tell your younger self what you know now, you can gain the benefit of hindsight from those who have experienced more years.

A website named Hey, From the Future has made it possible for you to read and give advice for people of every age.

The website’s creator, Ryder Damen said he created the website on his birthday after sitting on the idea for about a year. “Hey From The Future is an advice sharing website that allowed users to submit anonymous advice they wish they had at a particular age,” Damen said.

“I wanted a platform that allowed people to share advice they wish they had at younger ages … turning another year older gave me the kick in the butt to sit down for a few days, code up an MVP, deploy it, and launch.”

Here are some of our favourite advice for over-60s

“Hey 60 year old, save for your future retirement even if at first it isn’t very much. When you are young retirement doesn’t seem important but before you know it you are 60!”

“Hey 66 year old, it’s not too late to make new friends. Volunteer, take a class, walk a dog … you’ll meet new people. Be friendly, and be a friend whenever you have a chance. You’ll soon find you have new ones.”

“Hey 71 year old, If you’ve not already, review your ‘self-satisfaction’ quotient. At this point in life, you should be ready to accept all kinds of attitudes and characteristics about yourself that may have irritated or mystified you for years. Be at peace.”

What piece of wisdom would you add on to the list?