Renowned psychic believes David Campbell’s son is Princess Diana reincarnated

Renowned psychic believes David Campbell’s son is Princess Diana reincarnated

Network Nine TV host David Campbell made headlines on Sunday when he said that his son Billy, 4, believes he is the “reincarnation” of Princess Diana.

The convincing account is dividing public opinion, but Queensland-based psychic medium Peter Williams believes that it’s possible. He told The Daily Mail:

“What usually happens when we have these instances of reincarnation, there is usually a reason for it and something left over,” Peter said.

“Billy will be able to give clarity and recall memories [from his time as Princess Diana]. It is very much in the realm [of possibility] that he could recall memories of the crash.”

The psychic medium added, “There's usually a level of trauma where they wish to come through and explain. With Princess Diana, it could very well be that."

David went public with the theory in Stellar Magazine, saying that Billy – who has a twin sister Betty – first identified as the late Princess Diana at age 2.

The young boy had pointed to a photo of Diana and said, “then one day the sirens came, and I wasn't a princess anymore”.

However, Peter was firm in that David and his wife Lisa should not lead Billy if they want to discover any secrets.

“With any child, whether they're Princess Diana or not, when you're asking questions you want to be asking generic ones and not leading ones,” Peter said.  

“A child's mind is easily led. You can't tell them what you're looking for. It is going to be so hard now to get this information without contaminating it, or without having a sense of bias or leading their son into this.”

Peter also mentioned that there is a limited window into the previous lives of people.

“Aged four through to six is the main bracket," he said. “Once they hit six or seven, a lot of children tend to lose those memories as they start school.

“It is almost like we become tainted by this world … everything becomes black and white when you start school.”

Peter concluded: “This four-year-old has no doubt in his mind he is Princess Diana, so the information that's going to come through will be absolutely bang on. Children do believe, they don't question and that's why they're so pure.”