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Nigella Lawson: "How my daughter taught me to be happy again"

Nigella Lawson: "How my daughter taught me to be happy again"

Nigella Lawson is known by many as being a domestic goddess in the kitchen, but she credits her daughter for helping her transform her life after her ex-husband grabbed her by the throat.

Charles Saatchi, advertising millionaire, shocked the world as he grabbed his then wife by the throat in public in a busy restaurant. Just seven weeks after the incident back in 2013, their 10-year marriage was over.

However, Nigella’s confidence was shaken, and she developed a fear of being photographed or being seen in public.

Her daughter, Cosima Diamond, 25, is credited with helping Nigella overcome her fear.

“I have been forced to be guarded. I used to be more open and I’d like to think I will be again,” Nigella opened up to The Mirror.

"Cosima said to me, ‘Mum, would you rather be a real person like you or someone who has hair and make-up done to go to the supermarket? It is better to be a real person.’ She’s right.”

Nigella also shared that her children are the biggest fans of her cooking, but they make fun of her presenting style.

“When I am on TV, I cook the food that I cook at home but my children always tease me.

“I do a running commentary at home of my life like I do on TV.

“I always wanted to do the advanced driving test as when you do it you have to do a commentary like, ‘I am now moving into second gear.’ I do feel I ought to take it.”

Nigella says that she gets a “bit nervous or a bit awkward” due to the camera being on her.

“The thing about television is that it is both frightening and boring.

"It is not an act, but I do think you get a bit nervous or a bit awkward when there is a camera on you,” she explained.

Nigella went into detail about her success in Australia, following her appearances on the Australian version of MasterChef.

“I do like it as I like the people there. The programme has been going for 11 years,” she said.

“They are very funny, Australians. I don’t go to America a great deal. I did for book tours, but America is a very greedy monster.

“All they ever want to know is, ‘What are you going to do next?’ and ‘How much more are you going to do?’

Nigella says that the pressure isn’t something that she wants for her life.

“It is not what I want to do. If I wanted to go and work non-stop and do that I would go there.

"I like lying about and reading books and drinking tea as well, so I don’t want a life which just becomes about making television programmes.”