Funny words you probably don’t know

Funny words you probably don’t know


No, it’s not misspelled. It sounds wrong, but – trust us – it’s right! Many weird words seem fake at first. Do you know what this one means? The definition: To do something in a friendly way. For example: “He friendlily questioned my use of the word friendlily.”


Looking to find this word on an Italian dinner menu topped with cheese? You won’t. Think you can guess what it means? It actually refers to when someone mixes two different languages together like, “I vogilio a side of meatballs with my macaronic per favore…I’m saying it incorrecto, aren’t I?”


This sounds like it could be a brand that sells fancy new dog toys, but this is definitely not something you should put on the shopping list for your new puppy. Before you take a trip to PetSmart, find out what a dongle actually is. It’s a piece of hardware that connects a computer to another device. You may use a dongle on a regular basis to connect to a digital media player to stream shows or to use Bluetooth and WiFi.


Wham! Bam! Pronk? Not so much, unless it’s the sound you made when you bonk someone on the head. Any guesses what this funny word could mean? A pronk is a weak or foolish individual. It is also used as a verb when referring to antelope and similar animals, which means to leap with an arched back and stiff legs as a form of display or a sign it is threatened.


Not the grizzly, terrifying kind! This word has nothing to do with animals. We’ll give you a second guess. Abear means to endure or put up with, which means you could feasibly say: “I abeared this encounter with a bear!”


Let’s make one thing clear: Cabotage does not mean to sabotage a taxi driver, which we do not recommend in any circumstance, just as a general tip for safe driving. So what’s the real definition?

It means the transport of goods and passengers between two places in the same country, or the right to do so. Originally, it only referred to coastal travel between ports, but the definition has expanded to include travel by air, railway, and by road.


As much as we would love to tell you that oxter is a group of oxen and otters that became friends and peacefully coexist against all odds, that would be a lie.

Surprises! Oxter has nothing to do with oxen or otters or any kind of animal. Believe it or not, this funny word is an outdated term for “armpit.” Even when you think you know what a word means, misnomers will prove you wrong.


Funny words mean funny things, and this word does not refer to the fountain of youth. It actually means someone who never laughs, and you definitely don’t want to be that person.


Hark! This term dost indicate an archaic or elaborate sort of speech. Godwottery is an outdated term, and today people may also describe it as “purple prose.” They seem like funny words to say, but you’ll probably be met with an awkward silence.


Thank goodness that this antiquated word for “cash” hasn’t been used since the eighteenth century; we think it would be a pretty difficult word for rappers to rhyme.


A fartlek is a type of endurance training in which a runner switches between sprinting and jogging. Can someone give us the phone number for the marketing team that came up with this word? We have a few questions.


This word, which means “choppy seas,” seems onomatopoetic. We can imagine waves breaking on the shore, making the noise “popple popple popple.”


“Knurly” describes something with “small protuberances,” such as knobs or tumours. This is one of those weird words you don’t want to hear at a doctor’s appointment.


This unit refers to “one million deaths,” and is usually used to discuss nuclear warfare. This sounds like it belongs on our list of funny words, or even a list of metal bands. But the definition is actually terrifying.


This funny word means to confuse, perplex, or fluster, according to Merriam Webster. We sure would be flustered if someone used this word in conversation with us.


A person who uses Twitter can be called a “tweeter” or a “tweep,” but those of us who actually use the site just call ourselves “bored.”


This weird word means “spam sent over instant message.” Take the -am out of spam and replace it with “IM” for “Instant Message,” and you have Spim. We know these funny words might sound made up but they’re not—unlike these fake words that actually made it into the dictionary.


This is one of our favourite funny words – it means something similar to “brown-noser” or “kiss-up.” A lickspittle is someone who reveres authority.


“Spleenwort” is one of those weird words that doesn’t sound anything like the thing it describes. Though this word sounds like the name of an intestinal disease, it actually describes a kind of evergreen fern.


A “flummery” describes a soft jelly or porridge made with flour or meal, but more commonly it is used to describe an empty compliment. “I love how you’ll just wear anything!” or “You look so awake today!” are examples of flummery.


To “draggle” something is to make something wet and dirty by dragging it. If you’ve ever worn too-long pants in the rain, you’ve draggled.


Never heard this word before? It’s no surprise if you’re not a baker. A penuche is a sort of fudge that is made from brown sugar, buttercream, and nuts.


If you attend a memorial service, funeral or wake, you’ll encounter a lot of sobersides, or people with a serious or sad appearance. Sobersides can also be found outside of such events, and are also commonly referred to as “deadpans.”


A slumgullion is a cheap meat stew. It’s one of the English language’s weird words for food that don’t sound appetising at all.


This word means “to feel nausea,” and we think it’s perfect. This word seems like a combination of “rumble,” and “waddle,” which is exactly what we do when we feel sick. This word is a far cry from some of the most beautiful words in the English language.


“Ufology” is the study of UFOs, or unidentified flying objects. Working in this field is every kid’s dream!


This word can be substituted for the classic “alas!” and is used to express sadness, exasperation, or pity in Scotland.


This word describes a foot that is twisted out of shape. Hopefully, this is some vocab you’ll never need to use.


Like “wamble,” this word is used to describe nausea and bellyaches. Next time you want to show off your repertoire of weird words, tell your boss that you’ve got a case of the “collywobbles,” and can’t come in tomorrow.


Any idea what “Stumblebum” means? It’s one of our favourite funny words! If you are a klutz, halfwit, nincompoop, or moron, add another descriptor to your resume. A “stumblebum” is a clumsy or inept person.

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