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8 simple ways to remain positive

8 simple ways to remain positive

When it seems as though you cannot escape a negative point of view, whether due to interior or exterior sources, it can be very easy to get caught up in the downward spiral. Staying positive, proactive and present becomes difficult and you may wonder if you’ll ever find your missing in action motivation. Fortunately a few small changes can be all that’s needed to shift your energy from the negative to the positive and place you firmly on the up and up again.

Work on your responses

You can’t always control what happens to you in life, but you can control the way you respond to it. Focusing on what you can control and learning to let go of the rest is key to avoiding a dip in positivity and motivation.

Find tangible positivity

When the going gets rough, call in some tried and tested troops. Books, audio tracks, even artworks can all have a strong impact on your emotions. Finding resources that uplift and inspire can help shift your mindset even when you’re struggling to see outside of your current situation.

Learn from your mistakes

It’s human nature to make mistakes. What ends up frustrating us is when we make them again and again (and again). Put a stop to the cycle by learning from your errors and allowing yourself to move forward. Evaluate exactly where you went wrong and devise a way of preventing it from happening again.

Plan to succeed

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” The old adage is on the right track. Nothing feels less productive than flailing around without anything tangible to anchor to. A written agenda or to-do list provides a concrete document that can spark your motivation and creativity.

Celebrate the little things

Many of us ‘save’ our celebrations for the major events in life. While celebrating the significant milestones are important, it is just as crucial to recognise all the small accomplishments that get you closer to your goals. This helps us to feel the value in what we’ve done and in turn, stay motivated. Rewards don’t have to be huge or extravagant either. Treating yourself to a meal at a favourite restaurant, a dessert date or a new book or magazine are all easy, cost effective ways to acknowledge the small stuff.

Build a support team

If your motivation is waning the chances are good that others are feeling the same way. Connecting with them, sharing your feelings and brainstorming ways to keep moving forward is one of the best ways to not only form a plan but give a shot of positivity and understanding to your mindset.

Don’t underestimate blatant positivity

Positive affirmations, spoken or printed can sometimes get a bit of a bad wrap. Words however are powerful and reading/speaking certain phrases regularly can help embed them in your mind and attitude. Choose a favourite and display it prominently. Whenever you pass by, say it out loud. It’ll soon become a habit and you may be surprised by the changes it helps yield.

Have an attitude of expectancy

Waking up expecting doom and gloom is never going to put a spring in your step for the day ahead. Even if you wake up feeling flat, try focusing on a single thing that you have to look forward to that day. If you can’t come up with anything, simply even further and focus on the idea that you expect something positive to happen in the day ahead. What form it will take may not be known but you’re placing the intention out there to help guide you out of the fog.

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