Alex O'Brien


5 reasons to cherish your sense of hearing

5 reasons to cherish your sense of hearing

Think about the things that you have heard today. The coffee pot bubbling, a family member chatting, a dog barking. Our ears are constantly bombarded with sounds from all around us. But quite often it’s not until our hearing starts to deteriorate that we give it a second thought, let alone be thankful for it.

Today we look at five ways that our hearing brings us pleasure. It’s a small way to remind us to be grateful for a healthy body, and to look after it to ensure it stays in good shape.


Every day we communicate with other people, whether that’s family or even the guy making your coffee. Each day we can enjoy the sound of children’s laughter; sharing a secret with a friend; chatting to your kids about their day; whispering in the night to your partner.

Listening to the sounds of nature

Nature keeps us grounded and listening to it can also be a way of relaxing. It could be waking up to the whistle of birds in the trees; the crash of waves on the shore; the whistle of the wind as it blows through the trees; or even the plop of a rock being thrown into a stream.


Whether it’s seeing a play, a visit to the cinema, or even just watching our favourite program on television – our enjoyment of the experience is heightened by the sounds that we hear. We can follow the story by listening to the dialogue and sound effects.

Keeping safe

Hearing allows us to be alerted to danger, such as a car horn or a shout to “look out!” Hearing also means we can easily use the telephone not just to keep in touch but also to call for help if needed.

Enjoying music

Music can bring so much joy and is all around us. Who doesn’t love listening to their favourite songs on radio in the car; relaxing with some classical music on the stereo while you eat dinner; bopping along with some high-energy music on your headphones while you exercise; or even attending a concert where the power of the music is even greater.