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How to enjoy going to the movies with hearing loss

How to enjoy going to the movies with hearing loss

If you have issues with your hearing, going to the cinema is most likely not on your to-do list. Often the loud sounds of a film on the big screen can be too much. But the good news is that there is a way to still enjoy a trip to the movies even if you are suffering hearing loss. Follow our tips to ensure you get the most out of it.


At the majority of movie theatres, the best seats for ideal sound are right in the middle. If you need to, get there early to secure a good spot.


Some cinemas have captioned screenings specifically suited to people with hearing loss. Contact your local cinema to find out more.


A lot of the food available at the theatre can be noisy and distracting. Try putting snacks into a plastic tub or box rather than rustling around in plastic packets.

Assistive listening devices

Many theatres have these available, usually as headphones, which lets you select the appropriate level of volume for your needs. You can often reserve these in advance.

Have you got any advice for someone who is hearing impaired to give them a better cinema experience? Please share your tips in the comments.

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