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10 commandments the hard of hearing wish you’d follow

10 commandments the hard of hearing wish you’d follow

For all those people who have a loved one who has a hearing impairment, these are the commandments they wish you’d follow.

1. Thou shalt not speak to the listener from another room.

2. Thou shalt not speak with your back toward the listener or while the listener’s back is toward you.

3. Thou shalt not speak as you walk away.

4. Thou shalt not turn your face away from the listener while continuing to talk.

5. Thou shalt not speak while background noise (water running, radio or TV playing, people talking, etc) is as loud or louder than your voice.

6. Thou shalt not start to speak before getting the listener’s attention and while the listener is reading, engrossed in a TV program, or otherwise preoccupied.

7. Thou shalt not speak while your face is hidden in shadow.

8. Thou shalt not obstruct a view of your mouth while speaking.

9. Thou shalt not speak rapidly or by shouting.

10. Thou shalt be patient, supportive and loving when the listener appears to have difficulty comprehending what has been said.

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