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Lawn mowers can damage hearing

Lawn mowers can damage hearing

Do you wear hearing protection when mowing the lawn? If you answered no, then you might be at risk of damaging your hearing.

A survey of 2,500 people by consumer ratings agency Canstar Blue has found that 58 per cent of people choose not to wear earplugs or earmuffs when mowing the lawn, thereby risking hearing damage.

The survey also found the baby boomer generation is most likely not to wear hearing protection, with 60 per cent of boomers not choosing to wear protection. This is compared to 59 per cent of Generation X and 48 per cent of Generation Y respondents.

"This is particularly concerning given the Baby Boomer generation are more vulnerable to hearing damage because of their age,'' Steve Mickenbecker, head of research at parent company Canstar Cannex, told The Courier Mail.

"These findings are particularly concerning as permanent hearing damage can occur after only one hour of unprotected exposure.''

It’s a reminder for everyone who loves to keep their lawn pristine to take precautions.

Dr Nicholas Vardaxis, director of education at Endeavour College of Natural Health, said this type of neglect can result in permanent hearing loss.

"This type of damage is entirely preventable,'' he added.

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