Melody Teh


Foods that can help prevent hearing loss

Foods that can help prevent hearing loss

You may already know that you can protect your hearing by avoiding loud noises, keeping the volume down on earphones, wearing ear protection in noisy environments and regular check ups at the doctor.

But did you know that the foods you eat could also help to protect your ears?

Here we outline the three nutrients that have been found to help keep your hearing sharp and some ideas for how you can incorporate them into your diet.

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

  • Lentils – add to your vegetable soup
  • Mango – enjoy fresh during summer months
  • Baby Spinach – use instead of lettuce in your salads
  • Asparagus – cook on the BBQ or steam lightly
  • Cos lettuce – use as the basis for your Caesar salad
  • Broccoli – steam and serve as a healthy side dish
  • Oranges – eat as a healthy snack
Omega 3 Fatty Acids

  • Salmon – flake cooked salmon through pasta
  • Anchovies – enjoy on toast as a healthy snack
  • Flaxseed – add to your smoothies
  • Walnuts – toss through a salad for some crunch
  • Tofu – a healthy addition to your stir-fry

  • Baby Spinach – steam lightly and serve with scrambled eggs
  • Tuna – make a simple pasta bake with tinned tuna added
  • Banana – the perfect on-the-go snack
  • Cashews – add to a stir-fry
  • Pumpkin Seeds – make a healthy trail mix with nuts, seeds and dried fruits
  • Avocado – use as an alternative spread to margarine on sandwiches
  • Dark chocolate – enjoy a few squares after dinner