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3 best online hearing tests

3 best online hearing tests

We all know that our hearing is likely to be affected with age. Early signs of hearing loss can be significant and come about suddenly, or they can be subtle and emerge slowly. This can make hearing loss hard to detect.

Thankfully, if you think you might be having problems with your hearing, you don’t have to rush to a doctor straight away. There are a number of tests you can do online before visiting your medical practitioner to understand where you stand a little better.

Please be aware that these screenings are for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace a professional hearing evaluation. 

Starkey Hearing Alliance

Strarkey hearing is a hearing aid manufacturer that aims to connect its customers with the educational services they need. They also run the Starskey Hearing foundation, a charity that aims to “give the gift of hearing”. This test takes less than five minutes and involves a series of yes and no questions followed by an audio test. Take the test here.

Better Hearing Institute

This website provides a free hearing test that uses similar tones and frequencies to ones you would encounter in a medial examination. However, it does not provide solid tests results and you should use your discretion to evaluate how you think you went – if it raises concerns you know that you should book a test with a hearing practitioner. The page also features a hearing loss simulation. Take the test here.

The Hearing Test

The Hearing Test presents a critical reflection on this concept of testing our hearing and our perception of deafness. It is non for profit initiative that tests you on 50 words. After each word, you must type what word you think you heard. It’s a little time consuming, but can be more accurate. Take the test here.