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How to avoid eyestrain from your laptop and tablet

How to avoid eyestrain from your laptop and tablet

Instead of waiting for the symptoms of eyestrain to appear (blurred vision, headaches and sore dry eyes) take the proactive steps to look after your eyes now.

Take a blink break

When we are looking at a screen our eyes naturally blink less, leading to dry eyes. Be mindful of this and take a break every half an hour to just sit with your eyes closed for 20 seconds – this will help to rehydrate your eyes.

Use moisturising eye drops

If you regularly sit at a computer or use a tablet for long periods, it is a good idea to be proactive and use some lubricating eye drops. Available from the chemist, these artificial tears can help avoid dry itchy eyes later.

Lower the lights

If you are working under harsh bright lighting it can make eyestrain worse. If you can, try using some lower wattage bulbs to make the light softer. Not sure if your lights are too bright? Try putting your hand over your eyebrows (as though you are wearing a visor). If your eyes feel more comfortable, it’s time to dim those overhead lights.

Move your workspace around

If you need to move your eyes from a document on the desk up to your screen and back, this can cause eyestrain. Try placing a document holder next to your screen so that your eyes only need to move minimally. You can also ensure that your screen is up at eye level where possible, as this will help avoid neck strain.

Keep it clean

Dust on your laptop or tablet means your eyes have to work harder to see. Keep the screen clean with a baby wipe or a very soft cloth.

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