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The Project host rushed to hospital amidst health fears

The Project host rushed to hospital amidst health fears

Host of The Project Tommy Little has been rushed to hospital, but thanks to his comedic ways, he’s discovered a way to make light of the serious situation.

The 34-year-old sent fans into a panic after he uploaded two photos to his Instagram account of himself lying in a Gold Coast hospital bed, with his arm attached to an IV drip.

But he quickly assured his 213,000 fans not to worry and instead to focus on the mismatched pair of socks he was wearing.

“For years my mum’s been telling me to grow the f**k up and start wearing matching socks and to get private health insurance,” he wrote.

“Anyway, years later, here I am, wearing odd socks in a public hospital.

“The upside is that Australia is awesome. All the nurses and doctors here on the Goldy are the absolute best and thanks to them I’m on the mend.

“Feeling very lucky to have been born here … Australia I mean, not hospital … but I guess both are lucky … anyway also on the upside, GO MAROONS!!!!!!!!!” he concluded, making a reference to the State of Origin series that Queensland lost.

It remains unclear as to why the comedian was admitted to hospital but with one photo showing an inhaler by his side, people have assumed it’s due to an intense asthma attack.

“You can’t tell us you’re in hospital and not tell us why,” wrote one worried fan, to which another responded: “Asthma. There’s Ventolin in the picture and a spacer.”

Others agreed, saying it’s plausible that the host had an asthma attack during the middle of the night.