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Snake bite spike: 9 people hospitalised in one day after increasing number of attacks

Snake bite spike: 9 people hospitalised in one day after increasing number of attacks

Nine Queenslanders have been admitted to hospital after an increasing number of snake bites were reported in one day.  

The first attack occurred before 10:30 am on a Kenmore resident, a suburb in Brisbane, after a snake bit the victim on the hand. They were taken to Royal Brisbane Hospital.

It was only one hour later where a second attack happened on a young child from Jindalee, 20 minutes from the Brisbane CBD. The snake had bitten the youngster on the foot and the child was admitted to the Queensland Children’s Hospital in stable condition.

Then, before 2:30pm, another attack was reported after a snake bit the foot of a teenager from Bunya.

The victim was rushed to Prince Charles Hospital in a stable condition.

Soon after, a man was immediately taken to Nambour Hospital before 7 pm after a snake bite to the ankle at his place of residence in Witta. The man is believed to be in his 40s.

Another man believed to be in his 50s was admitted to Townsville Hospital after a painful bite on the foot.

It was only 15 minutes later that another victim, a man in his 30s, was taken to Emerald Hospital after a suspected snake bite to the lower part of his leg.

At 8:15pm, Nambour Hospital took in another patient, a man in his 60s, after he was bitten on his ankle at his Eumundi home.

The eighth victim was a man in his 50s and was immediately rushed to Innisfail Hospital after a bite to his ankle at Friday Pocket.

The ninth and final person was a woman in her 50s who was also taken to Innisfail Hospital after a snake bit her on her hand in her Carmoo home.

Speaking to, snake catcher, Tony Harrison from Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher advised those who come across snakes this summer to leave them alone.

“People see professionals on YouTube or Facebook catching snakes and then they try and do it themselves,” said Mr Harrison.

“Obviously our advice is to leave them alone and don’t try and sort it yourself because that’s when accidental bites happen.”

He also recommended for people to keep their backyards tidy.

“Don’t leave stuff lying around because that’s when you get frogs, bird and mice moving in which is snake food,” he said.

“Things like piles of rocks, wooden sleepers, tyres, should all be moved away.”

Mr Harrison advised residents to keep a snake catcher’s number on speed dial, in case you come face-to-face with the slithering reptile.

“It’s very important the snake catcher is 24 hours because if you have a problem, you can send them a photo of the snake and get an answer straight away,” he said.