Paul "Fatty" Vautin reveals cancer scare

Paul "Fatty" Vautin reveals cancer scare

Paul "Fatty" Vautin has issued a warning to his fans to get regular skin checks after having a cancer scare.

Fans were worried about his absence from the opening State of Origin football game and he has since revealed why he wasn't at the game.

He was told he was "on the way to developing skin cancer", he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I had a patch of what I thought was dry skin on my face, but I went to the doctor to get it looked at … the next thing I knew I was being told that I was on the way to developing skin cancer,” the 61-year-old said.

“With Origin coming up, I spoke to the doctor and said what would happen if I put it off for a few weeks, even three weeks. I said to him, ‘Believe it or not, I work in television and my face is on TV’.

“He didn’t give a rats and told me I had to act straight away. I was told not to muck around. They gave me a treatment called Efudix. It’s a cream that they explained to me is like chemo in a tube.

“I was told to put it on twice a day for 21 days, but after 13 days, I just couldn’t get any more on, it was too painful. At times it hurt so much that I couldn’t talk.”

He's warned others to get regular checks.

“Given I’m a ‘ranga’, I’ve always looked after my skin … I am outside a lot, but I am aware the dangers with being a redhead and the sun,” he said.

“It just shows you can’t be too careful. Go and get your skin checked, even if you think it couldn’t be a cancer and even if you are being careful.”