New reports show lockdowns may push into 2022

New reports show lockdowns may push into 2022

As Australia's Covid crisis rages on, it's been reported that Scott Morrison and national cabinet leaders are preparing for targeted lockdowns which will run into next year. This has been backed up by the PM’s own refusal to rule out 2022 lockdowns, when he stated “No one can give those guarantees.”

“The virus is unpredictable and it would be irresponsible to do so,” Morrison added.

According to The Australian, the Doherty Institute has prepared scenarios to be presented to national cabinet today which show the outcomes of the different approaches including the vaccination rates we need for Australia to start opening up.

The Treasury department will then work on the economic cost of different outcomes and they will use this data to formulate our future COVID-19 policies.

This news comes as Greater Sydney's lockdown has been extended by another month with NSW recording its worst day since the pandemic began on Thursday with 239 new infections.

Hard-hit hot spot zones say they have an “unfair deal”

The mayors from Sydney's eight hot spot zones have taken to social media and other means to state they feel they’re not being treated fairly.

Cumberland mayor Steve Christou joined in today telling the Today show, his community was getting an "unfair deal".

"I'm just here trying to do the best and represent the interests of my community, who, at the moment, are getting an unfair deal," he told the program.

"They don't deserve this," he added.

Growing push to restrict the unvaccinated

There's a growing push to make moves to restrict the movements of the unvaccinated when Australia opens up after the pandemic.

Speaking to 3AW, NAB boss Ross McEwan said a bank survey had found 80 per cent of the population planned to get the jab, while 10 per cent were undecided and 10 per cent were against it.

McEwan said those who got the jab should be rewarded: “Let’s target the 80 per cent who do want to get the job done and get the vaccination into their arms. Then work on the 10 per cent who can be swung across. Then let’s open this economy up because everybody’s had a chance," he said.

“Let’s get 90 per cent of the population vaccinated and give them freedom. For those that don’t want the vaccination, well they can stay at home.” he said.

There are also plans to ease travel restrictions on those who are vaccinated, including international travel and quarantine-at-home when arriving back from overseas trips. Other plans include restrictions on restaurants and cinemas for those who aren’t vaccinated.

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