Hamish Blake shares hilarious Father’s Day “report card” from his son Sonny

Hamish Blake shares hilarious Father’s Day “report card” from his son Sonny

Comedian Hamish Blake has received a hilarious yet touching Father’s Day card from his five-year-old son, Sonny.

Taking to Instagram, the 37-year-old shared a snap of the card, which answered multiple questions, including “Why do you love your dad?”

Hamish captioned the post: “Dads all over Australia will be getting the kinder Father’s Day card over the next few days and I’ve come to realise now it’s basically like getting a parental report card.”

He continued: “Even though this year I’m portrayed as an ice cream-loving booze hound who’s a bit of a pushover when it comes to requests for hot chocolates and chips.

“I guess I can’t say that’s entirely inaccurate, so all things considered I got out OK. B minus!”

In answer to the question, “What’s dad’s favourite thing to do?”, Sonny said: “Go to the beach. He likes ice cream. His favourite drink: alcohol.”

The next question was, “If you had a million trillion dollars and could buy dad anything in the whole wide world, what would you buy?” Sonny wrote: “Six scoops of ice cream!”

The card also talks about the close bond the father and son share, with Sonny writing that his father “makes sure that I’m OK when I hurt myself,” and “doesn’t care when I wake up early.”

He also wrote that Hamish “gives me lots of kisses and cuddles.”

Hamish and his wife, author and beauty entrepreneur Zoe Foster-Blake are parents to Sonny and daughter Rudy Hazel Blake, two.

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