Confronting photo of elderly woman on train sparks outrage – who is in the wrong?

Confronting photo of elderly woman on train sparks outrage – who is in the wrong?

A picture of an elderly person standing on a train while young commuters sit has sparked a huge debate on the Internet.

The snap, which was posted on a Facebook page on Saturday, has gained more than 2,600 comments and 30,000 shares. The picture also circulated around Sydney-based Facebook groups.

“No respect,” the caption said above the picture showing the young commuters sitting with their devices while the elder stand holding on a pole.

The picture has polarised the Internet, with many condemning the young passengers for not giving up their seats.

“This disgusts me, why aren’t people asking others to give their seat up?” one asked.

Another commented, “This picture speaks volume of the Generation we live in today. Respect and manners have lost their value.”

While someone added, “Gone are the days where the younger generation looks after for their elders!”

However, others said there might be more to the picture than meets the eye.

“So quick to judge, but no one knows the story behind the picture,” a user wrote. “A whole train full of people and not one person offered a seat. Unlikely.”

Another one chimed in, “Not defending them but ... someone may have offered, but the elderly said, ‘no it's ok I'm getting off soon or at next stop’. I offer all the time and on a few occasions this has happened to me, where they'd be polite and say ‘Thanks but no thanks’.”

Some were more sceptical of the picture’s origin. “And who took the photo instead of saying something?” one wrote.

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