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"A terrible shock": Kerri-Anne Kennerley opens up about husband John's death

"A terrible shock": Kerri-Anne Kennerley opens up about husband John's death

Kerri-Anne Kennerley has returned to television after the death of her husband John Kennerley last month.

On Thursday morning, Kerri-Anne opened up about her grief over the loss of her husband of 35 years to her colleagues on Studio 10.

John died at the age of 78 in late February from pneumonia.

“Look, it was a shock because I really thought I would have John for many, many, many years to come, and a lot of things happened very quickly, so it was a terrible shock,” said Kerri-Anne on the morning show.

“The hole it leaves in your life is so painful, it’s the hole that will never be filled.”

Kerri-Anne said after her partner’s passing, she still keeps him in mind when making a decision. “We thought as two and now there is only one, it hurts, but I still think how he would expect me to act, to be,” the 65-year-old said.

“My primary thought process is how would John react. What would John want me to do, how does this work, and that’s really comforting. It’s not fair but life happens.”

During the segment, Kerri-Anne also showed an anchor pendant necklace John had given her when she landed her first role as a TV anchor on Good Morning Australia in 1981.

“I have worn this, especially on every brand-new show, any production, as my good luck charm because I knew I always had John close to me,” she said.

Kerri-Anne also expressed gratitude for her fellow hosts on the Network 10 show and the public for their support through the loss. “The support that I've had from so many people out there, I genuinely thank you,” she said, before turning to her co-hosts, “And you guys, especially.”