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3 easy yoga practices for arthritic hands

3 easy yoga practices for arthritic hands

Tracy Adshead is a yoga teacher specialising in yoga for seniors. She is passionate about bringing healing and healthy ageing to the community.

Regular exercise works all kinds of wonders on the human body and it especially makes a difference when you have rheumatoid arthritis. If you haven’t tried yoga take a look at these practices as an additional way to gently maintain mobility and movement in the hands.

Yoga encourages you to do what’s comfortable and not to push through pain so you might like to start these three practices for hands just twice a week, if there’s muscle tension start by massaging hands and wrists with sesame oil. You’ll soon begin to notice the benefits after a few weeks of regular practice. Of course, when joints are inflamed you need to take it easy, try warming joints in the shower or wrapping hands in a heated towel.

It helps to move slowly whilst synchronising the movement with your breath, focus your attention on the practice:

1. Hand clenching

Sitting comfortably, stretch the arms out straight in front of the body. Clench the fingers over the thumb making a fist. Now flick the fingers out, spreading them apart and opening the hand fully. Repeat 10 times. Inhale – clench, exhale – flick.

2. Wrist bending

With the arms still out in front, palms facing the floor. Bend the hands at the wrist, lift the fingertips towards the ceiling and then down towards the floor. Full stretch. Repeat 10 times. Inhale – fingertips to the ceiling, exhale – fingertips towards the floor.

3. Wrist rotations

Raise the right arm up, make a fist with the thumb inside. Make circles with the hands, rotating the wrist joints. Rotate 10 times clockwise and 10 times anticlockwise. Repeat with the left hand and then complete by rotating both hands together. If you would like to challenge your brain rotate the wrists in opposite directions.

Have you found any exercises that have helped you with your aches and pains? Let us know in the comments below.

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