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“What I have is not curable”: Barry Du Bois on how he wants his children to remember him

“What I have is not curable”: Barry Du Bois on how he wants his children to remember him

He’s been open about living with terminal cancer since he was first diagnosed in 2010, and now Barry Du Bois has shared his thoughts regarding his children.

The host of The Living Room said that he doesn’t want his illness to be how his children remember him after he passes away.

The 59-year-old spoke to Australian Men’s Health and revealed that his memories of his own father are overwhelmingly positive, and he hopes his kids experience the same.

“I have these incredible memories of the strength of my father, and I was very worried that my own children would remember me as a weak person who was a burden on their mother,” he said.

And while he goes through life with an optimistic attitude, he admits that he’s concerned about his kids having a negative impression of him as they grow older.

After undergoing treatment for cancer last year, Barry is now on the path of rebuilding his strength, but he still understands that he has limits.

He’s tried to build muscle in the past, but he has now realised that a person’s strength isn’t just about how they look externally.

Now, he’s shifted his perspective, and focuses more on mental health while slowly building his physical strength.

“What I have is not curable. But I’m in a great place. I’m as good as someone can be who has multiple myeloma,” he said.

He credits his recovery to good nutrition, plenty of fluids, regular exercise, sunshine and a positive outlook on life.

Barry will celebrate his 60th birthday next year, and he strongly believes that if he looks after himself, his children won’t look back on his final years with sadness and pity.

“What I want is for my children to be able to tell their children one day that their dad was a powerful man,” he said.

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