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6 unhealthy foods to avoid

6 unhealthy foods to avoid

There are certain foods that we know we should not eat. Then there are those that cleverly parade as healthy - but are far from it. Here are six that you should never keep in your kitchen.

1. Energy drinks

Containing high amounts of sugar - among other nasties, energy drinks are never a good idea. Opt for some water that you flavour yourself. Think berries, citrus fruits, mint and so on.

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2. Muesli bars

A great on-the-run snack, don't be fooled by the these snacks parading as something healthy. Either make your own using peanut butter as a flavouring for a protein kick, or reaching for a piece of fruit and a few nuts instead.

3. Tomato sauce

Did you know that just one tablespoon contains of the red stuff can contain four grams of sugar? Consider making your own from tomatoes or skipping it altogether.

4. Microwave popcorn

Yes you would have heard of this being talked about as a healthy snack, however, when it comes to the microwave type, be warned as it has high levels of sodium, fat, butter and other flavourings.

5. Sugar-laden breakfast cereals

Most cereals in the breakfast aisle at the supermarket are, in fact, not good breakfast options at all. Full of sugar, that could classify as a sweet treat. Either make your own muesli from oats, nuts, seeds and more; or look for natural varities that are low in dried fruit and have no added sugar.

6. Artificial sweeteners

This is a topic that divides many. Laden with chemicals, we say you should skip artificial sweetners. Studies show they make you hungrier, which could lead to more eating. 

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