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Unbelievable Coles' gluten free hack you need to know

Unbelievable Coles' gluten free hack you need to know

If you’re a chocoholic that happens to be gluten free, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s good news.

A coeliac website has discovered that a popular Coles cake is vegetarian friendly and gluten free.

The supermarket's own branded Chocolate Celebration Cake doesn’t appear to be gluten free at first glance, but after a bit of investigating, you realise that it’s true.

Most of the time, gluten free products are clearly labelled at the front of the packaging, but in this instance, you have to do a bit of sleuthing towards the back of the box where the logos “GF” and “V” (vegetarian) are sitting above the barcode.

The surprise item was discovered by Aussie Coeliac, as she shared the good news to her loyal followers.

Labelling it as a “light and fluffy chocolate cake” the blogger believes that her readers would thoroughly enjoy taking a bite out of the popular dessert.

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A post shared by Ashlee Adams (@aussiecoeliac) on Feb 19, 2019 at 2:33pm PST

Before you rush out to buy it, it’s worth knowing that the $12 cake is “temporarily unavailable” online, but a spokesman told that you can still head on over to your local Coles store to get your hands on it.

“This will be my go-to celebration cake from now on, it is great on price and tastes delicious,” the blog post on Aussie Coeliac read.

“The cake has a lovely chocolate flavour and is suitably moist. It isn’t too dense but if left out it does get a little dry.”

Before digging in, make sure you check the ingredients list for possible allergens, as the cake does contain soy, egg and milk.

Will you be trying out this delectable $12 chocolate cake? Let us know in the comments below.