"Proof of vaccination" certificates part of AUS vaccine plan

"Proof of vaccination" certificates part of AUS vaccine plan

The Australian Federal Government has announced that Australians, once vaccinated, will get a record that will be stored and displayed on the Express Plus Medicare and MyGov mobile phone applications, which could help Aussies travel overseas again.

Anyone who requires a hard copy after getting the COVID-19 vaccine can access a printout from vaccine providers and Services Australia offices.

Some government leaders have their doubts about the Federal Government's ability to follow through with this plan, with Anthony Albanese voicing his opinion to the ABC.

“We know that they didn’t get the [COVIDSafe] tracing app right,” he told the ABC.

“So they need to, as the rollout of the vaccine occurs, make sure that they absolutely get it right because our economy, as well as our health, depends on it.”

Government Services Minister Stuart Robert has said that Australians should have "enormous confidence" in the system.

“Any requirement for borders to open up will require vaccination and it will require the widespread use of assured certificates, and that is what we are talking about today – the Australian assured certificate that Australians can have enormous confidence in,” Mr Robert told reporters on the Gold Coast.

“Importantly for Australians, they can have assurance the certificate they will have will be robust, it will be anchored to them, so they will know it’s their certificate, and it will be widely accepted.”

It is expected that these certificates will simplify visits to hospitals and nursing homes and could be required for interstate travel if further lockdowns are in place.

Mr Robert said that it would be a state-by-state basis as to whether proof of vaccination would be necessary to visit workplaces, restaurants or supermarkets.

“We would be expecting them to issue public health orders if they see fit so I will leave that to the states and territories,” Mr Robert said.

“What the federal government does is provide a record of vaccination to Australians should the need be there for Australians to use it. And Australians need to have that record, especially, depending on state public health orders but also when travelling and borders open up again.”

The Pfizer vaccine is due to be rolled out nationally from the end of this month and the AstraZeneca vaccine is due in March.