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Cassandra Thorburn makes her return to Studio 10 with a racy new look

Cassandra Thorburn makes her return to Studio 10 with a racy new look

Cassandra Thorburn, journalist and ex-wife of Karl Stefanovic, returned to Studio 10 on Tuesday with a brand-new look.

She debuted a new haircut and outfit that showed off her svelte figure.

Instead of her usually straight bob, Thorburn decided to showcase curls that framed her face.

She wore a fitted black dress and strapped Grecian style stilettos that were laced up her legs.

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During the episode, Thorburn accidentally said that “size” matters as she discussed top marriage proposals with her fellow Studio 10 panellists.

“So it always has been about the size of things isn't it ... it's like the ring,” Thorburn began, before comedian Merrick Watts remarked: “That's after marriage.”

“No I meant the proposals are getting bigger,” she clarified to her giggling panellists.

The hosts also discussed the topic of the amount of “creepy crawlies” that are living inside you and your face.

It was a bit of a sensitive topic, as Thorburn shuddered as naturalist Martyn Robinson explained what kind of bugs there are that inhabiting inside your body without you knowing.

“They’re taking some of the food that you’re eating, but you won’t get a tapeworm by swallowing the worm. You get them by swallowing a cyst,” Robinson explained.

The panel was quick to ask in horror how you get a cyst.

“Well, you know how there’s a crunchy bit in your hamburger?” the naturalist clarified.

The panellists groaned in disgust before he clarified that you can’t get sick from that cyst as it’s been cooked.

Thorburn was also a pretty picture in pink as she appeared on Wednesday's episode of Studio 10 as the panelists spoke about a man who had been busted for hiding cocaine under his wig.

Upon seeing a picture of the man who had been arrested, the panelists burst into laughter.