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4 signs your body is ageing earlier than it should

4 signs your body is ageing earlier than it should

Out of the millions of things an individual will experience in life, one of them is the physical signs of ageing. 

Age is a sliding scale, as some people can start to feel the physical effects of growing older much sooner than others. 

While it happens to everyone, there are a few telltale signs of premature ageing that, if caught early, can be slowed. 

Here are four key signs to look out for when talking about ageing. 


After years of enjoying our sun-kissed country (and no doubt experiencing a couple of brutal sunburns along the way), age spots are guaranteed to develop. 

Sunspots often first come up on your face or the back of your hands, or wherever is most exposed to the sun. 

While most spots are harmless, it’s still a good idea to have them assessed by a professional dermatologist. 

To avoid them from developing or worsening, invest in a 50+ SPF sunscreen and cover up in the summer sun. 


Wrinkles are the biggest tell-tale sign of physical ageing. 

They start to happen when our collagen (our body’s most abundant protein) production starts to slow down.

Collagen generally keeps our skin looking plump and youthful, so when it starts to slow down we can see our skin start to lose some of its shape. 

Wrinkles can also be made worse by dehydration, so to keep on top of them, invest in some quality skincare and drink more water throughout the day. 

Lingering hangovers

After a night of drinking alcohol, hangovers are the punishment we receive from our bodies the next morning. 

Complete with nausea, headaches, anxiety and dizziness, these symptoms tend to be prolonged the older we get after a few too many to drink. 

Simply cutting back on alcohol is the most sure fire way to avoid these hellish mornings, as well as eating a balanced, nutritious meal before you start drinking. 

Another way to prevent a hangover is to swap out every second alcoholic beverage for a glass of water, making sure you’re staying hydrated and keeping your organs happy. 

Random aches and pains

If you find yourself struggling to get up from the couch, unable to do as much exercise or having bouts of pain when you move in a particular way, there could be a lot of reasons why. 

Your body may be experiencing some inflammation if you’re not getting a balanced diet that is full of fruits and vegetables. 

The long-term effects of eating a healthy, balanced diet are instrumental in fighting signs of ageing, from helping you live longer, to reducing the risk of developing certain diseases. 

Your body will definitely thank you for making these changes in order to combat physical signs of ageing. 

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