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The Netflix scam you should look out for

The Netflix scam you should look out for

Australian Netflix customers have been warned of a new phishing scam.

The email scam, which uses the same branding and username seen with official Netflix correspondence, asks users of the streaming service to update their payment information through a supplied link.

“We recommend that you update your payment information immediately to secure your account otherwise you will not be able to use our services,” one of the emails read.

The link takes users to a phishing site designed to look like the real Netflix site, where they are prompted to enter their account credentials and credit card details.

Typing in the requested information will result in theft of users’ confidential data and Netflix account.

In September, cybersecurity firm MailGuard issued an alert following a wave of malicious emails sent to Netflix users claiming that their subscription has been cancelled.

Another scam claims that multiple login attempts had been detected on the user’s account. “We now need you to re-confirm your account information to us,” the email read.

Netflix customers who receive one of these emails are encouraged to delete them immediately without clicking on any of the provided links.