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Thu, 13 Sep, 2018Basmah Qazi

From $2.50 to 10 cents: The major supermarket selling avocados for dirt cheap

From $2.50 to 10 cents: The major supermarket selling avocados for dirt cheap

Avocado lovers rejoice! The popular fruit was available for a small price of 10 cents at a Coles supermarket, shocking customers as they made the discovery.

Posting a photo of the rare finding to her Twitter page, Maddie Burke captioned it: “At a Coles in Perth.”

The photo shows multiple boxes of Hass avocados slashed to ten cents on “special.”

They were marked down at Wanneroo Coles, Perth after the store ordered too many avocados.

As expected, the post soon gained traction and social media users were all rushing to catch the bargain.

“Omg someone go get me a tray or two. I’ll even buy two for the delivery guy hahaha,” one person commented on Facebook.

“Avo toast FOR DAYS!!!! No more paying for “lemons”, NO MORE SMASHED FETA AND LEMON TOAST!!” said another enthusiastic user.

One was in disbelief, as they said “it’s not April … If this is real ….”

Others chose to compare the average market price to the price being advertised at the Perth supermarket.

“I paid $10 for four avocados yesterday,” commented one person.

“Still can’t get a house though,” said another.

On a regular day, Hass avocados are sold for $2.50 each at Coles supermarkets.

Unfortunately, those living outside the region will still have to fork out money to purchase the superfood, but for those living in Perth, you should run not walk.

The trendy superfood is predicted to have a major price drop as avocado growers are planting more trees in order to double production by 2025.

Chief executive officer of Avocados Australia, John Tyas, said that there are lots of new plantings around the country, and he believes it will boost production in the coming years.

“We expect production to be over 110,000 tonnes by 2025,” he said.