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ALDI employee's secret video leaked: How to score a bargain during the Special Buys

ALDI employee's secret video leaked: How to score a bargain during the Special Buys

An ALDI employee has revealed a few valuable secrets when it comes to scoring the best bargain at the nation’s favourite supermarket.

In an instructional video, generally meant for employees only, a store manager named Ross provides a tour of the company.

The four-minute video was originally made to help new employees navigate their way around the store.

But opportunistic bargain hunters can rejoice, as the clip also gives an insight into how you can easily get your hands on those sought after deals.

Ross begins the tour from the carpark, where he shows employees a secret button to press outside of store hours that will let them inside.

He then goes on to mention that all ALDI stores have the same layout.

“This makes it easier for the customers to find the products they’re looking for,” he says.

Throughout the video, Ross shares a few secrets here and there, explaining why each aisle contains specific items.

Then, it’s the moment everyone’s been eagerly waiting for – the Special Buys section.

“Specials run right through the middle of the store,” he said.

“The new specials are displayed at the back and are advertised to go on sale every Wednesday and Saturday.

“Our older specials are condensed and moved to the front of the store as the product sells.”

Meaning, if you’re trying to find a certain item from a few weeks ago, make your way to the front of the store. If it’s in stock, that’s where you can expect to find it.

Ross then exposed another valuable secret, saying that every ALDI store has a “specials cage” towards the back.

“This is where we prepare our specials and high-value products,” he explained.

So if you have your eye on a bargain, then be sure to ask a staff member to check their specials cage.

Ross also mentioned that the German supermarket’s penchant for insane deals is what brings customers back into the store.

“Specials bring our customers back because it means we have new and exciting products on sale every week,” he said.

Do you have any nifty hacks when it comes to scoring a bargain at ALDI? Let us know in the comments below.