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3 ways to be generous on a budget

3 ways to be generous on a budget

When it comes to spending on your loved ones, it can be easy to go overboard. But giving does not have to be expensive – after all, it’s the thought that counts. Here are the various ways you can show your love and generosity to those around you without breaking the bank.

1. Buy in bulk

Instead of coming up with ideas on a unique present for each recipient, buying items in bulk can help you save more and simplify your gift-giving plans. It can be thoughtful, too – a touch of personalisation can make a big difference. For example, you can get plain mugs and add your drawing or handwriting with permanent markers along with small, affordable extras like chocolate, soap bars or cards.

2. Do it yourself

There is nothing like receiving gifts that have been handmade from scratch. Try to look into the things you already love doing, and go from there. If you like to spend your time baking, prepare a special batch of brownie or pie to share. Enjoy knitting? A handmade sweater or pair of gloves could go the distance. You can also appeal to the shared memories between the two of you through sentimental DIY projects such as photo albums, mixtapes, scrapbooks, drawings and more.

3. Spend time, not money

Your presence can truly be a present. Instead of getting some gifts off the store, you can try giving more of yourself – be it by helping in the kitchen, reorganising old cabinets and closets, or taking care of the overgrown lawn.

Apart from giving your service, you can also suggest a gathering where family members and/or friends can spend time and have fun with low-cost food and activities, such as hiking, playing games, or simply chatting over toasted marshmallow and a hot cuppa. Spending some quality time and creating new memories together can indeed be the true gift.