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Melody Teh

Great money saving hacks

Great money saving hacks

If you’re looking for some simple tips on how to save on everyday costs, here’s a few handy pointers:

Buy your groceries online – Take advantage of online-only specials and free delivery. You won’t have to pay for parking, and you won’t be tempted to impulse buy as much. Just check the prices are comparable to what you pay in store.

It’s time to share – Collective consumption is spreading across the globe and cannot only save you money but could help save the planet. You can save bucketloads from car-share networks such as GoGet, renting out a spare room, renting out your whole place on Airbnb, or doing the same with items you don’t use as much anymore such as ski gear.

Haggle for a discount – If you’re looking to make a deal with a service provider such as a utility or home loan, jump online to compare what competitors are offering and ask to price match or beat your current offer.

Start a piggy bank – Emptying your pockets into a piggy bank every day is a great habit to get into to save money. You mightn’t have done it since you were a youngster, but storing your change away can really add up.

The power of $50 – Pay an extra $50 off your credit card or home loan each month. This will have a significant impact on your balance by saving you hundreds – even thousands – of dollars in interest charges and make you debt-free sooner.

Get savvy with coupons, discount and promo codes – Coupons are a great way to save money on grocery and everyday items. Start clipping them from your local paper or go to a website like and print them out.

Check out eBay – there are tons of auctions on there every day, from furniture, and household items to designer clothes, and you can get great deals on your next new item or outfit.

Grow a vegetable garden – You may not think you’ve got a green thumb but it’s not that hard and growing your own veggies means less money spent at the supermarket. Maybe start with your own herbs. Small herb gardens are easy to grow, you can keep them inside you home or on a windowsill and fresh herbs taste heaps better too!

Buy used cars – Buying a car that’s only one or two years old is a much better investment than a brand new one. They don’t depreciate as quickly.

Buy in bulk – purchasing your food and household products in bulk is a great way to save money over the long term.            

Borrow from the library – why buy books when you can borrow them from your local library for free?