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Woolworths' sweet move: The new hot ticket item for Easter ALREADY on sale

Woolworths' sweet move: The new hot ticket item for Easter ALREADY on sale

Woolworths has revealed it will be selling the beloved hot cross buns much earlier than anticipated, soothing your cravings in more delicious ways than before, and just days after its supermarket rival Coles announced it would be selling the traditional Easter treat on Boxing Day.

Woolworths says it is now selling a new limited edition Hot Cross Bun-flavoured ice cream from January 3.

The new twist on the Australian favourite sweet contains raisins, Australian cream and a hot cross bun flavoured-ripple. It will be available in Australian Woolies supermarkets until Easter for $4.70.

“It’s perfect for summer, perfect for sharing and is a perfect accompaniment when enjoyed with any of our traditional hot cross buns,” said Woolworths Head Baker Ben Thompson.

The news has left some Woolworths customers unhappy, pushing for the Easter dessert to be sold closer to the holiday.

 “… Too early. Sell fruit buns instead of using the marketing gimmick of a cross to try to promote,” wrote one Facebook user. “Keep some traditions.”

On the other hand, some customers are excited for the early treat to be rolled out. One user wrote: “We need a little fruit treat with a cup of tea and it feels so empty without these.”

“Best news this week,” wrote another.

During the 2017 Easter period, Woolworths sales were up over 20 per cent from 2016 with over 72 million hot cross buns being sold.

Traditional hot cross buns remain a favourite for customers, accounting for close to 70 per cent of sales.

“We know the countdown is on for our customers for hot cross buns as soon as Christmas is over,” Thompson said.

One thing is for sure, this icy cold sweet will go down a treat this summertime.

Are you excited for the sweet Easter treat coming earlier than expected this year?