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Woolies under fire for “offensive” Christmas cake

Woolies under fire for “offensive” Christmas cake

The controversy comes around every year during the holiday season, outraging citizens who claim that they’re unable to say the phrase “Merry Christmas” because of corporations caving into political correctness.

And now, supermarket giant Woolworths has found itself at the centre of the controversy.

Jason Morrison, a former host at 2GB, took to Twitter to share a photo of an Australian fruit cake currently being sold at Woolworths and put forth the claim that it was a “politically correct Christmas Cake”.

It didn’t take long for the post to gain traction, with outraged Aussies suggesting shoppers should “boycott Woolworths completely” and stop the “PC brigade” from running the show.

But despite the outrage, the energy it took for people to be up in arms over the entire incident was completely wasted, as the accusations aren’t true.

South Australian food manufacturer The Yummy Kitchen are the ones behind the fruit cake, and the dessert has been titled “celebration cake” since 1997.

It’s also an item that is sold throughout the year, rather than being a seasonal cake. The holiday favourite is sold at Woolworths as well as Coles and has never been marketed as a Christmas cake.

Speaking to, a spokesperson from Woolworths has confirmed that the supermarket has no plans to stop the Christmas festivities.

“The spirit of Christmas is alive and well at Woolworths this year. You’ll find us proudly celebrating it throughout our stores, with Christmas trees, tinsel, team uniforms and in-store signage,” said the spokesperson.

“And if you’re after a bit more Christmas cheer from Woolworths this year, just ask our team about Christmas Pop-Outs next time you shop. All characters are now available in store to help complete the collection.”

So now that the bizarre conspiracy has been debunked, everyone can take a breather and kick start the holiday celebrations.